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Copystars CD DVD duplicator support track edit.


Copystars CD DVD duplicator support track edit.

At a glance of Copystars manual:

7.4 Track Edit

7.4.1 Copy Track: Allows the selection of individual track(s) from the master CD and

copies the selected track(s) onto all target discs.

7.4.2 Close Disc: Closes the target discs when all of the track(s) are burned on to all

target discs. Note: The copied disc(s) will NOT play back without this step. Do

7.4.3 Disc Info: Checks the capacity and space used on the disc(s) inside of the

drive(s) of the duplicator.

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Blu Ray Duplicator -16x BDR burner 3D support on sale

Copystars annouce world fastest Blu Ray Duplicator which build in LG 16x Blu Ray burner drive and new Smart Copystars NEW  Blu Ray Duplicator .Optional Smart+USB and hard drive  can be added to further upgrade the reliability and performance.  LG latest burner will be installed with 3D play back.Supprot BDXL and 3D playback.

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