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DVD Duplicator review

DVD Duplicator review

CD DVD duplicator reviews

Common question

The duplicator machine does not start ?

please check the power cord insert properly, press on the power switch at the front. In some larger systems, please double check the back panel has one more on off switch.

Why do I get a read error when trying to copy a disc?
You are most likely running into copy protection. The disc publisher has placed "unreadable" sectors on the disc in an effort to confound disc duplication programs. If you believe the disc is not copyright protected, then it might simply be dirty or scratched. You can try to clean the disc gently using a lint-free cloth, wiping from the center out.

How long will it take to copy a DVD?

Duplicating speed depends on the writing speed, generally for 16X stsndard DVD Media is 5-7 min, double layer dvd is 14 minutes.

Can your DVD duplicators copy music or movie?
No, all discs bought from store or download from internet are copy protected. ..It could be yes if they are home made, non-copyright protected.

I keep getting the “target drive not ready” message. What is causing it?
Possible issues are the blank media. First make sure you are using the correct type of disc, use the “Disc Info” feature to verify that the media are blank or not. Scroll through each DVD drive and see if it detects a disc and verify that each disc is blank and of the correct format.

Why does it take 2 to 3 days to ship my duplicator order?
Copystars duplicators are custom made and fully tested for 72 hours from our assembly lines so the shipping time shown is estimated and refers to delivering time in business days after your duplicator is built and tested.

Do 1 to 7 targeted duplicators take longer to duplicate compared with 1 to 1 duplicators?
No, all targeted drives make simultaneous duplication, so it takes the same amount of time to duplicate for 1 to 7 and 1 to 1 duplicators.

Will the duplicator speed affect the quality of the duplication?
No, it does not but it will affect the time to finish duplicating a disc. All Copystars CD or DVD duplicators are equipped with top of the line recorders to maximize CD and DVD burning speed.

Can I connect your CD/DVD duplicator to my computer system?
The DVD duplicator work without any PC connection but you can purchase the smart USB plus Hard drive option.

What type of media can I use in Copystars duplicators?

DVD plus and minus R, RW, dual layer, Mini dvd. CDR, CDRW, audio CD, some models allow CD+G karaoke disc. Copystars Blu Ray duplicators support what DVD does plus BDR and BDRE

Can I mix different types or brands of media when duplicating?
To avoid stability and compatibility issues, we do not recommend using different media on the same duplicator during the duplication.

What are the advantages of duplicating with the hard drive option?
To ensure quality burns at higher speed and to store data that you may need to duplicate again at a later time. By loading data into built-in hard drive enables duplication at the maximum speed with utmost stability result.

How do I keep my duplicator clean?
The best way to keep your system clean is preventive maintenance. Using a system in a harsh environment with excessive dust, smoke, or other contaminants is not recommended.

Are the discs usable if recording fails?
That depends on what was being recorded, how it was being recorded, and how far along in the process were. If it failed while writing the lead-in, before any data was written, the disc probably is still usable.

Can DVD players read CD-R?
The only discs that a DVD player is guaranteed to read most of the time are DVD discs. Support for CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW may be included in the DVD players, but are not guaranteed. 

Can I upgrade my duplicator?

There are several upgrade options for Copystars duplicators. Firmware Upgrade. adding the Smart USB. Adding or Upgrading the Hard Drive and upgrade Controller Card

My system purchased a few years ago, can I ask for firmware update

Firmware can be updated thru the advance setup menu in the controller card. If the update is avialable, we cannot guranteed the life cycle of every models. Our team can email you the latest version on request 

What should I do if my duplicator freezes during duplication?

If the duplicator gets too hot from duplicating for a very long period of time, please let the system rest for 30min. 

Why can’t I make copies of my store bought movies?
 Duplicator cannot make copies of copy protected/copyright discs.
What does it mean when it says “disc size not enough”?
Often happens when copying a dual layer disc onto a single layer disc blank media . Please use the “Disc Info” feature to verify that you have the proper blank disc.
Why keep getting “bad master/source error/source empty” error message. What does it mean?
 If the message appears and one of the writers opens up, it means that the source is set to the wrong drive. The source disc should be set to load on the top tray.
 Use the “Select Source” feature to switch to the correct drive as source.
Why it can copy most of my master discs but I have one that keeps failing at 90%.?
Probably a bad master disc such as scratches or too dirty, you can use the “Pre-Scan” feature to verify the condition of the master disc. It is not a duplicator nor blank media issue.
Why one DVD drive seems not seen by the duplicator. bought 1 to 3 targets but only 3 burners working?
The most common issue is a loose data cable, customers are allowed to open the unit to check on the cable. Disconnect and reconnect the cable that should resolve it.
If you purchased the USB option , make sure it is turned to the “Off” position.
Why I get a message that says “can’t copy DVD to CD or can’t copy CD to DVD” ?
It means the blank media you are using are different from the source. Make sure that you are copying DVD to DVD, or CD to CD. BLu ray to Blu ray, etc You can also use the “Disc Info” function to find out from the duplicator.
I wish to take different tracks off of multiple CDs to create a new master CD. Can your duplicator do that?
Yes, most of our duplicators have the “Edit Track” feature, please note it work on audio CD only
For CD compilation, I copied all the tracks I wanted but it won’t playback. What is the problem?
It appears that the disc has not been finalized. Use the “Finalize Disc” feature under the “Edit Track” Menu to complete the process.
Can I use the “Edit Track” feature on other types of discs such as CD+G or DVD?
No, “Edit Track” works on Audio CD only.
Can I add copy-protection for duplicated discs?
Unfortunately Copystars do not offer this kind of product as all providers failed to our quality assurance standard
What size of standard DVD?

The format can be single-sided, single layer DVD that can hold up to 4.7GB (120 minutes) of audio and video data (DVD5).

What size of dual layer or double layer DVD?

 Dual-layer or called double layer DVD that can hold up to 8.5GB (or fours hours) of audio and video data (DVD9).


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