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Duplicator Trouble Shooting

Duplicator Trouble Shooting

Duplicator Trouble Shooting

When you power on the machine, check to see all LED light on the drives are working. On the LCD display, it should display the number of devices.

For a 1-5 target dvd duplicator, it should show 6 devices. For 1 -3 target duplicator, it should show 4 devices. If the number of devices are less than supposed,go to step 2.


There are 2 cables connected to each drive, one sata data cable(Red) and one sata power cable(black). Secure all the cables connections.

Restart the machine again and look for the correct number of devices when start up.

To test the work-ability of particular drive, Go to menu>select source>select to AUTO  place your good master disc onto that drive,  go to LCD menu and choose Prescan. A good functional drive will tell the detail of the disc after the prescan. Try a few more disc if the prescan failed, then we can concluded that the tested drive is defective.

If you see certain error messages show up when start a copy process.There are 2 common errors:

source disc/drive  error : The master disc may be bad,scratched or created in a wrong way.

Change a better master disc and use another brand of blank media could eliminated the problem.

Call or email to Copystars support at 1800-387-9383 if the issue cannot be recovered.


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