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Copystars new firmware 10524


Copystars release new firmware 1.0524 for iso CD DVD blu ray duplicator and controller 

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Copystars DVD duplicator on Newegg

Copystars duplicator available on Newegg.com nowCopystars on Newegg

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Copystars duplicator on Amazon top-rated

Copystars flagship smartPro dvd duplicator received over 500 reviews on Amazon More info Copystars on Amazon

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Copystars All in one media DVD disc duplicator

Copystars announse all media type compatible disc and media duplicator work with USA,SD,CF nad optical disc.

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Blu ray duplicator

Blu ray dupliocator provide fast and easy copy for latest storage technology .

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USB to disc Duplicator DVD copier

Copy USB drive, FAT 16, FAT32 format at ease. Many businesses like to distribute data in sd card or USB pen drives to employees and clients.Sometimes, people need to backup the USB data on disc or from SD memory card copy to dvd media.Copystars offer wide range solution of memory card duplicators , usb duplicator and SD duplicator.

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Low cost 4GB video card stay low

Don't sacrifice small PC space with low performance, memoryless video card. Inno3d introduce Geforce gt 630 4gb with low profile design. This card use single slot pci expressx 16, low profile, half height design so even the smaller Dell/HP slim tower can fit in.The power consumption is also extremely low,no extra power socket is needed. [...]

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Blu Ray Duplicator -16x BDR burner 3D support on sale

Copystars annouce world fastest Blu Ray Duplicator which build in LG 16x Blu Ray burner drive and new Smart Copystars NEW  Blu Ray Duplicator .Optional Smart+USB and hard drive  can be added to further upgrade the reliability and performance.  LG latest burner will be installed with 3D play back.Supprot BDXL and 3D playback.

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Lightscribe duplicator setup

Many customers ask about ligtscribe duplicator-here more infoSelect correct drive which is the one installed in the duplicator instead of the one in your PC.When start the LSS and template program,"Run as administrator"After the completion of template design, double check the drive select correctly,click print  template as  YOURNAME .Lsi   file.

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Copystars Smart+ USB for duplicator 3.0

Copystars Smart+ USB + 1TB HDD  with USB 3.0 nowCopystars introduce the  ground breaking design of new version Smart+ USB.Unlike other kind of  USB or pc link, the new Smart+ USB from Copystars will directly load ISO image files from a PC onto the duplicator's hard drive (HDD) without using any complicated software.The process is done by simple mouse action [...]

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